By Duggs Carre, Comoodle Project Manager at Kirklees Council


Comoodle is taking a new approach to research, working with Kirklees Council’s coaches.

We are one of the European winners of the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayor’s Challenge, so we have three years and £800K to develop a new approach to sharing resources and build a beautiful platform to connect people and increase collaboration and trust.

We want to create a strong culture of sharing in Kirklees, so that we can help each other to do good things in our communities. This means making the best use of our stuff, space and skills by lending things to each other and by sharing what we know. Kirklees Council is sharing stuff, space and skills through Comoodle – and local organisations are getting involved by sharing too.

Our mantra is: We are each other’s strength. We believe in sharing – do you?

Gathering insight from our Comoodlers using a Human-Centred Design approach

Here in Comoodle we love insight and we need to find out what people think of our project.

We’ve surveyed everyone interested in the project to begin to understand their views on it and what impact they think it will have, and now we want to hear in more detail from those that have used Comoodle (our ‘comoodlers’).

Comoodle will only work if we have a great understanding of our users, their needs and thoughts – so we’re trying out a bit of a human-centred design approach to learn more about them.

We are working with colleagues who have trained as coaches, to help us gather some feedback with comoodlers by having face to face guided conversations with them. We know that our coaches are impartial folk and they will get useful feedback and honest answers for us, and that as experienced coaches they will keep the conversation focused – so we have ‘comoodled’ their skills to help us with this research.

Interview conversations will be happening in the next month and then the whole group of coaches will get together to discuss what they learned and bounce findings around as a group.  This insight will help shape the future of Comoodle including the forthcoming online platform for users.

The willing coaches get to learn a little about Human Centred Design and Comoodle, they will try out another way to evaluate activity and most importantly they will become one of our star Comoodlers and get a free hat!

You can check out the project at – we are looking to recruit storytellers to help with engagement – please get in touch if you’d like to know more.