The Health and Care Intelligence Specialist Apprenticeship Standard has now been approved although The Institute for Apprenticeships shows it as ‘in development’ because the funding level has not yet been confirmed by the Minister.

The next stage in preparing to deliver the Apprenticeship is agreeing the training that will be available as part of the academic element of the Apprenticeship.  University of Cambridge is one of the potential providers who are working with the Trailblazer Group, and potential employers, to design a programme that will both meet the academic requirements of the Standard and suit the needs of the employers in how this is delivered.

Delivered at Level 7, this Standard seeks to provide a vehicle to promote skills development in the field of Health and Care Intelligence. The details of the Standard available on the link above indicate the range of organisations that are likely to require and utilise these skills, the broad purpose of the occupation, the roles that people will hold who are involved in it and where Health and Care Intelligence Specialists have impact and their typical responsibilities.

The University of Cambridge is a Registered Provider of Level 7 Apprenticeships Training and over the last six months we have been consulting with employers in the sector on the potential format and content of a programme to meet the requirements of this Standard. This briefing note is intended to inform interested parties who may not have taken part in employer roundtables and other engagement activities to date and to elicit further input from employers to enable a programme to be designed which meets the needs and preferences of the sector.

Where we are now

The University of Cambridge has longstanding expertise in the delivery of Level 7 education and is building its reputation as a Registered Provider of high quality Level 7 Apprenticeships training.

Employers benefit from the direct input into the workplace of enhanced and targeted knowledge skills and behaviours of their apprentice employees. They receive quality applications to advertised vacancies to undertake these apprenticeships and experience improved retention levels of existing staff who also benefit from senior level apprenticeship programmes.

Apprentices on our current and planned future programmes enjoy the dual benefit of working towards a prestigious University of Cambridge postgraduate qualification and achieving their Apprenticeship on a part-time basis, whilst maintaining professional and personal commitments.

Attendees at a series of employer events held by the University of Cambridge indicate a clear interest in the sector for a University of Cambridge programme to support employers and apprentices through the Health and Care Intelligence Specialist Standard. We are now progressing to the curriculum design phase and are interested in receiving further input from as wide a range of employers in the sector as possible to inform further development.

Final confirmation of the Funding Band for the Health and Care Intelligence Specialist Standard is expected in early summer 2020.

Next steps and timeline

We hope to be in a position to start a Health and Care Intelligence Specialist Apprenticeship programme at the University of Cambridge in autumn 2021. This will depend on various factors, including the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the University and employers in the sector.

We have developed a concise survey to facilitate employer input and feedback on the development of a University of Cambridge Health and Care Intelligence Specialist Apprenticeship programme. We would be grateful if you could provide your response to this survey of employer views using the link below by 30th June, 2020.  Please note that the survey is designed to be accessed via Internet Explorer in case of any difficulty.

Complete Survey

Please feel free to forward this message and/or the survey link to any colleagues or networks that you think would be interested in contributing to the development of this particular apprenticeship programme at the University of Cambridge. The more input we have the easier it will be to create a programme specific to the needs of employers.

We will gather and evaluate the feedback from employers and progress to the next stage of curriculum development. There will be further opportunities to comment on the proposed format and content of the programme as we progress through the development stages.


If you have any queries about University of Cambridge Apprenticeships (Level 7) please get in touch with us at