Every year, there are a number of opportunities for LARIA members to help lead the organisation. These include: supporting the LARIA Council; helping to organise or speak at events; contributing to developing a vibrant local network; and liaising with key stakeholders. Please consider taking an active role in leading LARIA this year, or encouraging others within your team and organisation to do so. Your help would be much appreciated and in return could deliver real benefits for other members, your organisation and your own professional development and interests. There are not enough people who take a leadership role in the research and intelligence world – help us to help you to provide that leadership!

For LARIA, volunteering helps ensure good governance and that we stay in touch with the needs of members, as well as provide capacity to help our members. The more active members we have the more we can achieve.

We know that time is precious. Few of us are twiddling our thumbs waiting for more things to do. However, the commitment to help lead LARIA can be part of the day job. It has been included by many volunteers as part of their performance objectives in terms of their own professional development. It also shows a commitment by your organisation to the use of research and intelligence. The contacts you make, and the lessons learned, by operating at a leadership level in LARIA can help deliver real results to other LARIA members, your own organisation and you personally.

If you would like to put yourself forward, or have any queries, please email admin@laria.org.uk and we will put you in touch with the existing volunteers to advise you on what the role entails. We do hope that you are able to help lead LARIA this year and look forward to working with you.